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PS5 Disc Standard Version: Currently Known Errors and Bugs

Ps5 and ps5 digital

The PS5 Disc Version seems to have some issues (Image Credit: Sony)

The PS5 is out and that means players have started reporting different issues, bugs and errors on their new consoles. Today, we look at some of the known disc problems with the PS5.

Besides the PS5 being sold out everywhere, the launch of the next-gen of gaming has been short of perfect in many ways. Players are now reporting problems with the PS5 Disc Edition and, so far, there are two known problems.

Disc Install Errors

First up, we have an installation issue posted on Twitter: The PS5 owner describes how he was stopped mid-game to download a patch even though he was playing from the game disc.

It seems that the game is not completely on the disc itself and any first-day updates still need to be downloaded via the internet. If you were planning to play your PS5 offline, you may not be able to, unless you first install the patches to the game. Whether this is intended by design or an actual bug remains unclear.

Thus, make sure you always install disc games fully, with all the patches, before trying to play them!

Loud Disc Noise

Some players have noticed that the disc drive of their PS5 spins at seemingly random times and is too loud. This time we have posts from Reddit discussing this strange PS5 disc behavior happening with different games.

While the disc spinning is not abnormal, it spinning for "no reason" causes concern as this will wear-out the drive over the long run. Spinning during a cut-scene or when you load up the game makes sense, but it shouldn't be the case for entire play sessions. Players claim it happens every 20mins or so and, of course, complain about the noise. There is no clear solution to the problem at this time.

Know of any other errors? Have the same problem(s) with your PS5? Maybe you even have solutions? Then let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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