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PS4 in 2020? Backwards Compatibility Xbox & PS5 EXPLAINED!


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The next gen system releases are right around the corner: It’s less than two weeks now until the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S are released. With all the preorder chaos etc, it’s easy to forget one thing: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still being supported. Games for the current gen systems are still being released. Also, with the next gen dropping, you can count on the prices for the current gen systems dropping as well. Thus, one question begs itself: Is it still worth buying a PS4 or an Xbox One in 2020?

The answer is not that simple though. You see, the PS5 is fully backwards compatible with the PS4 and the Xbox Series X/S are backwards compatible all the way back to the original Xbox. That would make it seem like it’d be a bad decision to buy an older system, but the answer is not that simple. A lot of first-order systems of next-gen consoles come with significant flaws. Taking that into account, waiting for the second production line of the PS5 and Xbox Series X might not be a bad idea. In that time, one can easily snag a current gen system for cheap and catch up on all the games that were released over the last 7 years. So what to do…

...the best idea is probably to watch our video.

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