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Fighter Fans will be happy with June's PS Plus Offering

PS Plus Games for June Announced!

PS Plus Games June
Virtua Fighter? PS Plus June... I love you. (Credit: Sony)

The PS Plus Games for June 2021 have been announced, and they should make fighting games fans happy. In general, it's a good month for fans of multiplayer games. PS Plus, once again, doesn't disappoint. 

As always, we speculated on what would come to PS Plus in June, and... we got one of the games right. Funnily enough, a game we predicted for May is also a part of the free PS Plus games in June. Anyway, don't forget that you can still download the PS Plus games from May until the first of June:

PlayStation Plus Games June 2021

Operation: Tango | PS5 

This is this month's free PS5 offering for PS Plus subscribers. The game is only releasing on June 1 and a PS Plus launch date has previously worked wonders for Fall Guys and Destruction All-Stars, so this might just be a major-move move for Operation: Tango. If you're not familiar with the game, it is an online-only game in which hacker and agent work together to overcome asymmetrical challenges. The game is all about teamplay and communication, so it's just perfect that all your friends can get it for free (if your friends even have a PS5...). The game's available until July 5.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown | PS4

I love fighting games. They're fair. They have the best learning curve. They provide the best feeling of gratification and achievement, and they're just flat out what the essence of competition is all about. Also, with Guilty Gear Strive and Project L about to release, there is no better time to get into fighting games. Lucky you then, that this godfather of all fighters is now free with June's PS Plus offering. The game is officially releasing on June 1 and is a PS4 exclusive remaster that will be available for all of June and all of July.

Star Wars: Squadrons | PS4

We really thought this one was gonna be part of the PS Plus offering in May. You know, May the fourth be with you and all that. Well... we were off by a month. This pilot simulator puts you behind an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter and is best played in VR. If you're too broke for VR, don't complain: At least you get the game for free with PS Plus this June.

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