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These are the next PlayStation Plus Games for February 2021

PlayStation Plus February 2021: Amazing Free Games Revealed!


Well, well well, February is looking GOOD with these PlayStation Plus February Games. Which of these is your favorite?

Everyone somehow always gets really giddy and excited when Sony announces the PlayStation Plus Games… Microsoft could never. Ahem. Anyways, let’s not beat around the bush, we all know why you’re here, so let’s talk about the PlayStation Plus February 2021 Games!

PS Plus February 2021: Destruction AllStars (PS5)

We’ve already made a separate article about this game release for PlayStation Plus February 2021, but we’d like to mention it again, just because it might actually be… good? I know, scary, right?

But seriously, Destruction AllStar has potential… to at least be a game where you don’t have to put any brain into. And that’s what gaming is all about, right?

PS Plus February 2021: Control: Ultimate Edition (for PS4 & PS5)

PlayStation Plus February 2021: Next Free Games Revealed
PlayStation Plus February 2021: Adult Stranger Things. (Credit: Sony)

Now, I will be very honest with you. I’ve made fun of PlayStation Plus for the longest time, but seeing a game like this in the line up for PlayStation Plus February makes me regret every single joke I’ve ever made.

Because that game looks LIT.

PS Plus February 2021: Concrete Genie (PS4)

PlayStation Plus February 2021: Next Free Games Revealed
PlayStation Plus February 2021: Disney could never. (Credit: Sony)

Yeeeeeah… I think I might just have to sign up for PlayStation Plus now.

PlayStation Plus February looks way too good. Concrete Genie might not be a game I would have spent money on, but free to play when only paying for PS Plus? YES, SIR.

By the way: if you still want to download the PlayStation Plus January Games, then be sure to do that before February 1st.

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