PS Plus December 2021: The First Free Game is Revealed?

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We've had some time to think and we believe we know what game is going to be given out to PS Plus subscribers in December.
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Which Games should PlaySation give us for our membership? | © Sony

If you want to play online on the PS4 or PS5 you’ll likely have to pay for the PS Plus series as well. But the good part? You get access to game titles for free as well. So while you do have to pay for the service, you also get some insane free content as well.

Each month new games get added for PS Plus clients and well, we might have figured out which game you’ll be able to get your hands on in December 2021. Let’s check out the theories that have been floating around the web.

December PS Plus Bonus Game: Heavenly Bodies

Fans have figured that the first free game of December is going to be the PlayStation exclusive Heavenly Bodies which is set to release in early December. Why do they believe that this is going to be the first bonus game though?

Well, these bonus games are usually given out on the first Tuesday of every month and well this month that date falls on December 7, 2021. This is the exact same date as the official release of Heavenly Bodies.

This wouldn’t be the first time Sony has done this, where an exclusive game would be made available for PS Plus subscribers. This has happened before with games which Sony has revealed and marketed on their blog before. All of this fits the bill when it comes to Heavenly Bodies.

What is Heavenly Bodies?

Heavenly Bodies is a puzzle game where you have to try and move around in a spaceship – with zero gravity. You’ll have to try and maneuver around while solving problems. Sounds pretty difficult right? Well, you can also play this game in co-op mode so you can invite your smartest friend to help you out.

Heavenly Bodies will release on December 7, 2021, regardless of whether it’ll be the first bonus game for PS Plus subscribers.