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Or a Genuinely Good Game

Is Potentia a The Last of Us Rip-Off?

Potentia Anna
Ellie, is that you? (Credit: Wily Pumpkin)

Potentia was released on Steam less than a week ago, on February 11. It’s a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter and reminds us a lot of The Last of Us. But does it actually have anything in common with the classic or is it just utter garbage. Let's find out!

Developer Wily Pumpkin is a small indie studio from Ankara, Turkey. For a game developed by only four people, Potentia looks pretty damn good. If you look at the Steam recommendations, it mostly gets positive feedback. Of course, the similarities with The Last of Us are uncanny, but did they just cheaply rip off a beloved game, or is Potentia actually good?

Potentia: The Story

The world of Potentia is one completely destroyed by a highly energetic weapon. As is often the case in games like this, society completely collapses and nature takes back, what was previously taken from her. Sounds very familiar already. Main character Victor is separated from his wife and wants nothing more than to find her. If you consider the looks of Victor and his wife Anna it feels like watching those weird Bollywood rip-offs.

Potentia characters
We already know Ellie and Joel, but who is that third guy? (Credit: Wily Pumpkin)

Potentia: Community Reactions

You’d think a game that is so obviously inspired by a beloved game would get torn to shreds by an angry mob of fans. Surprisingly, the Steam reviews are mostly positive. Maybe the game actually has something going for it.

Many players seem to agree, that the world of Potentia is really well-made, with lots of attention to details. There isn’t much people seem to be complaining about. Just, you know: the monotonous gameplay, how short the game is, the bad voice acting, the AI... wait, why does this game have such positive reviews again?

Potentia: How Much it Costs

Until February 18th you can get Potentia for $17.99 on Steam. Afterwards it will go back to its original price of $19.99. Now, that’s not your average AAA-title price, but remember, this game roughly takes 4-5 hours to play through. We would’ve expected something along the lines of $13.99 but oh well.

Of course, you can always try the free demo version available on Steam to see if it’s something you enjoy. Depending on how skilled of a player you are it only takes about 20 minutes to play through the demo.

Potentia: Conclusion

At first glance this game looks pretty meh. If you expect a piece of art like The Last of Us Part 1 you will be disappointed. If you expect good voice acting and diverse gameplay mechanics you will be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you’re in the mood for an indie title that remotely resembles Uncharted and The Last of Us, then you might enjoy Potentia.

In any case we recommend giving the demo version a try — it’s free after all.


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