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Pokimane With $5 Donation Limit! Will This Change Twitch?

Pokimane Twitch
Pokimane is tired of your money... more or less... (Image Credit: Pokimane)

Big time streamers are big time superstars and big time superstars make big time money. Makes sense, right? But how much is too much? Well… big time streamer/superstar/money-maker Pokimane has an answer: Anything beyond $5 is too much.

We’ve all seen it live on Twitch: Some random person (not to say simp) donates a streamer half their monthly income. It happens… fairly regularly, unfortunately. Often it leaves us baffled and, arguably, more often than that it leaves the donator broke. Well, now Pokimane wants to put an end to that.

You see, big timers like Pokimane make money every time they turn their stream on. They live off of subs and sponsoring alone. They don’t necessarily need big donations. And now… Pokimane doesn’t allow them either:

Pokimane has capped donations on her streams at $5.

This is great because it legitimizes a statement that Pokimane made not too long ago:

"Thank you! Don't worr...OK, I'm gonna be honest...y'all gonna need to stop giving people who got money free shit. Influencers, actors, people you recognize... they got money! You should say 'Hey, I'm a really big fan!' and asked them to tip you extra!"

It’s good to see Poki not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Not only that, she recently spent $10k on donations and subscriptions for other, smaller Twitch channels and donated $50k to student tuitions and scholarships at the UCI esports program. Yup… she’s really walking that walk, and she’s already inspired others:

Tyler1 Wants to Cap Donations at $5

Inspired by Pokimane, League of Legends, uhm, resident buff-screamy-comedian-entertainment-all-around-package Tyler1 is also thinking about implementing a cap. His reasoning is simple: He’s tired of fake reacting to big donations.

Will more streamers follow suit? It sure would be an interesting development. For what it’s worth, we here at EarlyGame applaud Pokimane for her decision. Not only does it save people blinded by their admiration from over-donating, it also opens up opportunity for smaller streamers to get a bit of cash coming their way. Win-win. We love it. Thanks, Poki.

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