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The Pokemon Unite Release Date is Upon Us

Pokémon Unite Exact Release Date Revealed - Only Days Away

Pokémon Unite Release Date Nintendo Switch Mobile
Nintendo Switch players: Pokémon Unite's release date is only a couple days away. | © Tencent

Pokémon Unite is finally releasing: The game's release date is now officially set for July 21 for the Nintendo Switch. We have all the details on Pokémon Unite below.

Well, nice as we are, we already gave you the release date in the bolded part, but let's repeat and make some things clear, since Pokémon Unite is not only releasing for the Nintendo Switch, and we've also got many more details on the new Pokémon MOBA:

Everything We Know About Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite Switch & Mobile Release Date

  • Pokémon Unite will release for the Nintendo Switch on July 21
  • Pokémon Unite will release for Android and iOS in September

Will Pokémon Unite Have Cross-Play?

Yes, Pokémon Unite will have cross-platform cross play between the Nintendo Switch and the mobile versions and, of course, also between Android and iOS. You will also have cross-progression on all systems, meaning you can pick up and play the game on your Switch and your mobile phone with all progress being in sync.

What Even is Pokémon Unite?

If you're familiar with League of Legends or MOBAs in general, then just take that and put Pokémon dressing on it – that's Pokémon Unite. The specific details will play out differently, but, really, Pokémon Unite is a traditional MOBA in the Pokémon universe, and you will take Pokémon into battle. 

The game is also developed by Tencent, who are the studio behind Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor, which are the biggest MOBAs in the world (in terms of player-base, calm down LoL-fanatics). Also, Tencent owns Riot, who made League of Legends, so that should give you confidence in terms of how good the MOBA mechanics in Pokémon Unite will be.

Pokémon Unite Official Release Date Trailer

If you haven't seen the launch trailer yet or just wanna see Pokémon Unite in action, don't sweat, we got you:

Now, time for some subjective opinion: I'm still waiting for a legit Pokémon fighting game and/or a super-fleshed out Pokémon RPG, but I'll take this MOBA too. Finally being able to play Pokémon in actual action is hype and I just hope the game turns out as well as it has the potential to be.

If you're into Pokémon, our action-adventure and RPG section will make you a happy camper. Trust. Click on through. Seriously.