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Charizard in scarf. Ok...

Pokémon Unite Beta Leaks: Gameplay Footage, Battle Pass, Monetization, Outfits & Skins

Pokémon Unite Beta Gameplay Leak
Uhm... if you wanna drop cash for that Charizard outfit then... uhm... ok... (Credit: Pokémon Unite)

Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 Moba coming soon and now fresh beta gameplay got leaked on YouTube. We have it all for you here.

So Pokémon is made by Tencent's TiMi Studios. TiMi Studios made Arena of Valor and Call of Duty Mobile – they know how to monetize. Now it seems that Pokémon Unite is going down the same route with cosmetics and a Battle Pass... it's a troubling sign, yes, but that's not all that was leaked about Pokémon Unite:

Will Pokémon Unite Have a Battle Pass?

Unsurprisingly, sadly, we report this: Yes. Pokémon Unite will have a Battle Pass. Here's a screenshot that shows off some of the monetization that will come our way via the game's store: Costumes and other goodies. No surprises here...

Pokémon Unite Gameplay

The beta testing is currently underway in Canada of all places and some YouTubers were not too fussed to break the rules. Sharing any gameplay footage was strictly prohibited, but you know how it goes: Rules are meant to be broken. Here's some Pokémon Unite gameplay footage. Mind you, this might be taken down, so don't blame us if there's a gray screen below by the time you read this:

Pokémon Unite: Roster, Skins, Outfits & Shop

Another YouTuber leaked some of the available Pokémon Unite roster, as well as some outfits and the shop interface:

Is Pokémon Unite Free? 

Yes, Pokémon Unite will be free to play. More specifically, the came is coined as 'free-to-start'. Yup. Weird. Do with that what you will. 

Pokémon Unite Release Date & Platforms

The game will likely be released towards the end of 2021, and it will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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