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The Limited edition PS5 unveiled

PlayStation 5: A Retailer to Sell Black Console that Looks Like PS2

PS5 Black
This PS5 black touches me in all the right places! (Credit: SUP3R5)

PS5 black incoming! That's right the mostly white PS5 console is kind of ugly and was meme'd on very hard before its release late last year. Soon fans will be able to buy the PlayStation 5 in black at the retailer SUP3R5 very soon.

The first orders of the PlayStation 5 were just a tad chaotic and is still a hot commodity today. As of Friday you can order a black version of the PS5 at retailer SUP3R5.

PS5 White: Fans Complained and Sony Answered, Kind Of.

The fan complaints were large enough that many third-party manufacturers have offered exchangeable covers for the next-gen console allowing them to cover the ugly white version of their PS5. So an official black PlayStation 5 makes sense but this still seems to be 3rd-party and not produce directly by Sony. Hell, even fans started to draft up a black design of it for the memes.

Well, we have good news and bad news for you.

The good news: A PS5 console in black design will be available for purchase as early as this week.

The bad news: The US retailer SUP3R5 will only produce 304 copies of the PS5 in the retro look, which will also cost a whopping 649 US dollars - hmmm maybe a white PS5 is not so bad after all!

PlayStation 5 in PS2 Look

On its own website, the retailer reveals more details about the exclusive PlayStation 5 in the PS2 look. There will only be 304 copies of the console, and each PS5 will be handmade which explains the high price.

The good news, the warranty of the PS5 console remains valid! But not for the DualSense controller, since the gamepad has to be unscrewed and modified. This may be a deal-breaker for some and would definitely give some people pause.

This retro PS5 will go on sale on January 8, but it will not be delivered until spring 2021 - depending on the availability of the console.

By the way, you can also buy the retro-inspired DualSense controller separately if you want. This will be priced at 99 US dollars.

We have to admit: The black PlayStation 5 looks pretty classy. Whether that is worth the extra price compared to the standard model and whether you want to import the console from the US is ultimately up to you, oh and don't forget you void your DualSense controller too!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.