You Can Play Spider-Man on Xbox... Sort Of

You Can Play Spider-Man on Xbox... Sort Of

Spider-Man is one of the best PlayStation exclusive games. Now you can play Spider-Man on Xbox! At least a terrible knock-off game that breaks all kinds of copyright laws. See for yourself.
You Can Play Spider-Man On Xbox... Sort Of. A terrible knock-off has been released.
There is a Spider-Man game on Xbox! Well... at least a horrible looking knock-off. | © Sony/Microsoft

Xbox- and PC-players are chomping at the bits, thinking of playing a fantastic Spider-Man game. Unfortunately, it's PS-exclusive right now... well, until now. You can play Spider-Man on Xbox... but not officially. A horrible looking knock-off game has somehow made it's way to the Microsoft Store and yes, we have notified the authorities.

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Can I Play Spider-Man on Xbox?

I'm sorry... but not really. There is a Spider-Man game on the Microsoft Store right now, as has been spotted by the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Wario 64. But as you can see in the following tweet, it's unfortunately not the real thing. It's a pretty terrible, albeit hilarious looking knock-off game called SpiderMan Shooter. And I'm afraid that's the closest you will get to playing Spider-Man on Xbox...

Now, let me be clear. First of all, sorry if you clicked on this thinking you would actually get to play Marvel's Spider-Man or Spider-Man: Miles Morales on Xbox. There is no chance in hell that is ever going to happen. Maybe PC, but Xbox? No dice. However, you can get SpiderMan Shooter for the enticing price of $1.49. And, as it is made by a Chinese company, it features our friendly neighborhood spider standing on the Great Wall of China, shooting at... something. What's not to love?!

But also... how the hell did this make it's way onto the Microsoft Store?! It's a complete mystery. This game looks so terrible, one of the worst asset flips I have seen in a long long time. And it is quite obvious, if you have two eyes in your skull, that this is not a Marvel product. This must be breaking all kinds of copyright laws. If I was an attorney, just the thought of this would make me sweat. There apparently is no quality control at Microsoft, otherwise I can't explain what happened here. Unless... this is just an elaborate troll by Phil Spencer and his cohorts. But I don't know, maybe I'm just getting going crazy...

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