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What to ask the ghosts?

Phasmophobia – Questions to Ask with Spirit Box and Ouiija Board

Phasmophobia Questions to ghosts
What questions can you ask the ghosts? (Image credit: Kinetic Games)

If you think you know how to lure out the spirits in Phasmophobia, then you may be mistaken. There are still some words and phrases hidden in the dark corners of the haunted house. We at EarlyGame, are here to tell you all about it.

Phasmophobia is a horror game that has become very popular with streamers and YouTubers lately. In it, you have to hunt down ghosts and guess what kind they are.

One thing that makes Phasmophobia so unique is that the ghosts can actually hear what you say. While you can ask them normal questions, there are also some words and phrases that will make them want to kill or at the very least draw them out.

Ask The Right Questions

There is a myriad of questions that you can ask the ghosts hiding in the shadows of Phasmophobia. Just shout out something and maybe you will hear them say something back. They react when you use the Spirit Box and we know there are some things you can say.

Difficulty Questions

  • "What do you want?"
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "Do you want to hurt us?"
  • "Are you angry?"
  • "Do you want us here?"
  • "Shall we leave?"
  • "Should we leave?"
  • "Do you want us to leave?"
  • "What should we do?"
  • "Can we help?"
  • "Is anything wrong?"
  • ”Are you friendly?
Sprit Box Questions
Use the spirit box to call out ghosts. (Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Location Questions

  • "Are you close?"
  • "Can you show yourself?"
  • "Give us a sign."
  • "Let us know you are here."
  • "Show yourself."
  • "Can you talk?"
  • "Speak to us."
  • "Are you here?"
  • "Are you with us?"
  • "Anybody with us?"
  • "Is anyone here?"
  • "Anybody in the room?"
  • "Anybody here?"
  • "Is there a spirit here?"
  • "Is there a ghost here?"
  • "What is your location?"

Responses to Location Questions:

Depending on how close the ghost is to you

  • "Here"
  • "Close"
  • "Next"
  • "Behind"
  • "Away"
  • "Far

Age Questions:

  • "How old are you?"
  • "How young are you?"
  • "What is your age?"
  • "When were you born?"
  • "Are you a child?"
  • "Are you old?"
  • "Are you young?"

Responses to Age Questions:

  • "Child"
  • "Kid"
  • "Adult"
  • "Old"

Personal Questions:

  • "Are you a girl?"
  • "Are you a boy?"
  • "Are you male?"
  • "Are you female?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "What are you?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "Who are we talking to?"
  • "Who am I talking to?"
  • "Hello?"
  • "What is your name?"
  • "Can you give me your name?"
  • "What is your gender?"
  • "What gender?"
  • "Are you male or female?"
  • "Are you a man?"
  • "Are you a woman?

Ouija Board Questions

Sometimes, you will find an Ouija Board in a house but be careful how you use it because your sanity can drop rapidly if you talk to a demon.

If you still dare, you can ask the spirit the following questions:

Victim Questions:

The victim name is randomly picked so you can try to find out more:

  • "Who did you kill?"
  • "Who is your victim?"
  • "What is the name of the person you killed?"
  • "What is the name of the person you murdered?"
  • "What is your victim?"
  • "Did you murder?"
  • "Who did you murder?"
  • "Who died?"
Ouija Board Questions can be asked
Sometimes you will find it and can ask it a question! (Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Age Questions

The age of the ghost is a generated number between 2 and 90 years old.

  • "How old are you?"
  • "What is your age?"
  • "Are you old?"
  • "Are you young?"

Death Questions

When did the ghost die? It can be between 50 and 1000 years ago.

  • "How long have you been dead?"
  • "How many years ago did you die?"
  • "How long have you been here?"
  • "How long ago did you die?"
  • "When did you die?"

Room Questions

  • "How many are in this room?"
  • "How many people are in this room?"
  • "How many people are here?"
  • "How many ghosts are in this room?"
  • "How many ghosts are here?"
  • "Are you alone?"
  • "Are we alone?"
  • "Who is here?"
  • "Who is in this room?"

Location Questions

Attempts to help you locate the ghost room

  • "Where are you?"
  • "What is your favorite room?"
  • "Where is your room?"
  • "What is your room?"
  • "Are you here?"
  • "Are you close?"
  • "Are there any spirits?"
  • "Are you near?"
  • "Are you around?"

Spirit Box Key Words

While not exactly questions, there are some words that can manipulate how the ghost will act. These have been discovered so far but it is not exactly clear what it does when you speak them.

  • Show us your presence.
  • Knock something.
  • Make a sound.
  • Open the door.
  • Throw something.
  • Talk to me.
  • Talk to us.
  • We mean you no harm.
  • We are friends.
  • I’m scared.
  • I am scared.
  • scared
  • scary
  • spooky
  • horror
  • scare
  • frighten
  • panic
  • fright
  • hide
  • run
  • Show your presence.
  • Show us.
  • Show me.

In the game files of Phasmophobia, some curse words have been found that anger the ghosts:

  • F***
  • Bitch
  • Shit
  • See you next Tuesday (will leave that one up to you to figure out)
  • Ass
  • Bastard
  • Mother******
  • A**hole
  • Pussy

Wow, a game where you are allowed to flame... It's debatable how or if these words actually work and it would have required a lot of foresight on part of the devs of the game to actually code in the swear words but they are in the game files nonetheless. Some YouTubers have also tested these bad words to varying success and they appear to work. Let's hope we don't have people shouting obscenities all the time now!

The ghost will react to these words in different ways depending on what kind of ghost it is – they might simply make the ghost appear and quickly disappear. It is probably for the best that these things remain unknown because if the game is solved and finding the ghosts becomes a child's play, the game will lose its appeal quickly.

Maybe this helps you hunt down that pesky ghost next game and saves you your sanity. For more gaming news and information on Phasmophobia stay with EarlyGame.

Original Article by Alisa Eiber