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Phasmophobia is Scary Good & We Fuel the Xbox vs PS5 War!

Recap 23 10 20

We are giving away a free PS4 in this column! (Image Credit: Kinetic Games, Microsoft, Sony)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to start this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights:

Phasmophobia is a fantastic game that I personally am too scared to play, but which I am recommending to you brave souls. Microsoft has decided to pull the Xbox Series X out of the console war, by making it a PC-lite, and we are also giving away a free PS4 for you. Just because.

Let’s go:

If a game is good and scary, is it scary good?

Phasmophobia is yet another indie hit of 2020. Because Fall Guys and Among Us weren’t enough. Maybe it’s the virus, maybe it’s the isolation but for some reason this year seems to be the year of unexpected hits (and unexpected pandemics). What is Phasmophobia? It’s a term for a fear of ghosts and that name is the game: You and a group of friends basically play R-Rated Ghostbusters by going into haunted mansions that no one should go into. You try to collect the clues and exorcise the ghost before the ghost kills you all.

Simple enough, right?

Why is it so popular? Well streamers like to scream and audiences love to hear them scream and a scary game with a four people co-op that is based around voice chat and communication… it invites a lot of screaming. Phasmophobia has steadily been in the Top 5 of most viewed Twitch Games for October and with Halloween coming up, it’s the perfect game for a spooky month in lockdown.

So the Xbox is a PC-lite, meaning... the PS5 wins by default?

Trigger alert. Rage alert. Calm down, everybody–you are entitled to your own opinion. We’re not trying to impose. We’re just trying to tell you which console is the better system, uhm... right before we tell you what religion to choose and who to vote.

See the thing is: The Xbox Series X’s main features are Game Pass and… Halo. The problem with that is that Game Pass is also available on PC. Also, it can be streamed over tablets and phones, with Microsoft reportedly even working on a streaming stick that plugs into your TV. Whereas Halo - and every other Xbox exclusive - is also released on PC. Correct us if we’re wrong here, but the Xbox feels like a PC-lite. With gaming PCs becoming smaller and smaller and the PS5 boasting a beast of a controller and major exclusives, we can’t help but wonder: Is it even worth buying the Xbox Series X? Or are we just blind fanboys that deserve your Xrage, Xflame and Xloathing?

We’re giving away a PS4!

Earlygame x Gamers Academy PS4 Homepage

EarlyGame & Gamers Academy a giving away a PS4 signed by Thilo Kehrer. (Image Credit: Gamers Academy)

Yup, for once the headline is not full of sarcasm, wannabe-wit or tongue in cheek writing. No, no, no. We are actually giving away a PS4. Us and our partner Gamers Academy that is. It’s free and it comes without any strings attached. Well… actually… two strings… or, three. Ok, three strings:

  • Follow us on our Instagram
  • Follow Gamers Academy on their Instagram
  • And, most importantly, you have to do it via this link to be included in the raffle.

Yup, that’s ‘this link’, as in: This Link.

Don’t worry, it’s not sending you anywhere shady, just the raffle-organizing-checklist website that’s hosting this whole thing.

Sounds good? Don’t forget that there is a free PS4 at the end of it.

Oh, and it’s signed by Thilo Kehrer. Yay!

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