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New Features and UI Improvements

Nintendo Switch System Update 11.0.0: What's in it?

Nintendo Switch Update
Small improvements from a slow Nintendo... (Image Credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch has rolled out a rare system update (11.0.0) and has finally brought the Switch into the current-gen of gaming. There were several small improvements, but the major highlights include a new start menu button, a revamped cloud storage menu and finally some new ways to share your screenshots across devices.

You no longer have to jump through hoops on the Switch just to share your latest gaming achievements. Yay. Milestone achieved. Thanks, Nintendo.


How Do You Update Your Nintendo Switch?

If for some reason the 11.0.0 update does not automatically happen, just follow these easy steps: From the main screen select the “News” button and look for the Nintendo Switch Information Center post and select it. Scroll down to the end of the news post and select the “Update" button. Now you are ready to explore those sweet new features. So what are those new features you may ask? We'll show you!

Improved Cloud Storage Menu

You can now easily see all games that are backed up or saved on your Nintendo Switch Cloud. A quality-of-life improvement and a simple one at that. We appreciate it though and are baffled why this wasn't an option before.

New Nintendo Switch Online Shortcut Button

New Red Button Nintendo Switch
A tiny red quality of life improvement. A new button has appeared! (Image Credit: Nintendo)

An extra button was added to the left side of the main menu. It takes you directly to the Nintendo Switch Online hub. Again: Why... was this only added now? Not that we don't appreciate it though.

Easily Share Photos

You can now scan a QR code to connect your phone or mobile device to your Switch. Hooray for Nintendo: it can finally integrate with other technology, and it only took 15 years to implement this. Talk about cutting edge.
This feature lets you share pictures and videos with your phone, or you can also use a USB cable to transfer the same types of files to your PC. Just go to “System Settings” > “Data Management” > “Manage Screenshots and Videos” to set up a transfer.

Most other updates are minor and include basic stuff like language support and stability improvements, so we'll press skip on those details and let you get back to gaming!

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