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Nexomon: The Pokémon Game You Didn't Know About

Pokémon-Like Game Nexomon Coming Xbox, PlayStation & Switch

Nexomon is Coming to Consoles
Nexomon is more than a Pokémon clone and it is finally coming to consoles. | © Nexomon

Nexomon is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. If you're not familiar with Nexomon, then spoiler alert: It's Pokémon with some interesting twists.

Ok, look: Nexomon is as classic-Pokémon as it gets. Top-down view, pixel-graphics and a lot of catch 'em all to do. If you love Pokémon – particularly the old-school Pokémon games – there is no way you won't like this game. Guaranteed. Money back. So, especially for console players this news is hype, because, finally, Xbox and PlayStation players get a Pokémon experience on their system.

For all you Switch folks, this news probably isn't all that, so... move along. Y'all got the real deal anyway. Nothing to see here, go read some Pokémon news:

Nexomon Is Coming to Xbox & PlayStation

Nexomon was originally a PC and mobile exclusive, but now all consoles get to play the game. In fact, Nexomon is a series, consisting of the original game from 2018 and its sequel, Nexomon: Extinction, which was already released on consoles in 2018. So, yeah, if you don't want to wait for the original Nexomon to make its way to your system, you can grab Nexomon: Extinction on your PS4, Xbox One and PC right now.

Nexomon & Pokémon Differences

Saying Nexomon is a Pokémon clone is fair and not even a slight on the game: Pokémon was not the first monster-catching game around, and Nexomon does enough to get respect on its own: You can catch up to 300 Nexomon, and choose one of 7 companions at the start of the game. The battle system is turn based and there's enough content throughout the game's 10 regions. 

While that all sounds the same as Pokémon, Nexomon differs in that it infuses a lot more strategy into the game: Wild Nexomon scale with your level, you have cores to tactically assign to your monsters, which give them boosts and battles feature a stamina and speed stat. All of that makes the game harder and more strategic than your average Pokémon game. 

If you've now done all this reading and you wanna see more on Nexomon's console release, here you go:

There's no release date as of yet – 'Coming Soon' is all we get. Still, you can play Nexomon: Extinction already, which should hold you over until the original Nexomon releases on consoles.

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