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Xbox Series T? W? Q? Ö?

Leak: New Xbox Series Models Coming Next Year

New Xbox Series Model, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X upgrade
It's just... what will they call an upgraded Xbox Series X|S? Seriously: Where do we go from here? | © Microsoft

Rumor has it that Microsoft will launch a new Xbox Series model in 2022. More specifically, that new model is rumored to be an upgraded Xbox Series S version with a higher-spec refresh rate. There is also talks of a new Xbox Series X model coming in 2023.

We all knew that there were going to be new versions of the current consoles eventually. PlayStation has always released a slim version to accompany its main console, and Xbox loves to come up with new letter variations. After rumors emerged that Sony is working on a PS5 Pro, Microsoft are now raising their hand in class... or rather a leaker is doing it for them: YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead made the claim that Microsoft will launch a new Xbox Series S model in 2022.

The New Xbox Series Models

New Xbox Series S Model Coming in 2022

According to the leak, this new Xbox will feature a higher-spec 6nm AMD Zen APU, which will result in higher clock speeds and, ultimately, a faster console. In simple terms: This upgraded Xbox Series S is expected to be 50% faster. As expected, this upgraded Xbox Series S model will also be a little bit costlier, but, in return, the current Xbox Series S line will continue production and will be sold at a cheaper price. 

Whether this new Xbox Series S model will retain the 'S' name is unclear. It certainly would cause confusion if the old line were to be continued. Still, adding a number or creating a model with a whole new letter is not ideal either. Then again, Microsoft has always had the worst naming department ever, and its comedy at this point, so we're personally hoping for an Xbox Seies Ñ.

New Xbox Series X Model Coming in 2023

The rumor further goes on to suggest that an upgraded Xbox Series X might also be in the works and is set to be released in 2023. How much powerful it will be is not mentioned, nor is the name, which we can only assume to be Xbox Series Ä.

Here's the full video if you want to hear all of this from the horse's mouth (time stamp 13:38):

Moore's Law is Dead is quite the authority on detailed commentary and rumors on the latest tech, so you can take this as a reliable source, while still applying that healthy salty doubt.

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