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New Items and X Games-Event in Rocket League

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Rocket League X Games

In celebration of the X Games in Aspen, a matching sticker for your cars is coming to Rocket League. (Credit: Rocket League/Psyonix)

The developers from Psyonix have once again teamed up with the ESPN X Games for a collaboration: On the occasion of the X Games in Aspen, new items in the style of Rocket League will be released. In addition, a regional event of the Rocket League Championship Series X will take place as part of the partnership.

This month marks the start of the biggest and most important extreme sports event: the X Games! What goes well with skiers and snowboarders soaring through the air doing insane tricks? That's right, cars that provide just as much daredevil action on a soccer field with their moves, racing, flying, spinning, and scoring goals around the stadium!

We're talking Rocket League, of course, because the studio behind it Psyonix and X Games are teaming up for a crossover!

With the start of the X Games in Aspen, new X Games-style items are coming to the Rocket League store: From January 21 to 24 and again from January 28 to 31, the X Games Octane sticker, the X Games tires, and the "Snowblind" roof attachment will be available. In addition, the two-player banners X-Skis and X-Board are available - and for free! Get the items while they are available!

But that's not all: Rocket League - as in the actual RL esports - will become an official X Games event! Over the next two weekends (January 23/24 and 30/31), the best teams in North America will compete for medals at the North American Regional Championships. The online event is part of the RLCS X Tournament Series.

It also features special X Games fan rewards: the Knuckle Huck player banner and X-Boards and X-Skis Toppers, where you strap two snowboards or skis to your roof. Check out the trailer below to get in the mood for the event:

Don't want to miss the Rocket League action? Then tune in to YouTube and Twitch over the next few weekends, where the RLCS X Games will be broadcast live.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Fabian Ruppert.

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