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Infamous will make a comeback at the PlayStation showcase

Leak: New Infamous Game Will Be Announced This Week


According to leaks, Sucker Punch is working on a new Infamous game that they will reveal this week at the PlayStation showcase.

It seems that whenever there is a leak on Twitter, it either comes our way via Tom Henderson, Jeff Grubb, or Shpeshal_Nick. Also, it seems like anytime any of them leak anything, it will come true anyway (any, any, any, any – you're welcome). This leak, in particular, comes our way via XboxEra co-founder Shpeshal_Nick, who, for once, actually told us to take this with a grain of salt:

New Infamous Game Will Be Revealed at PlayStation Showcase

You should know that Nick was all over Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island and the Director's Cut, well before any official information got released. So, you gotta think that he really has the inside scoop on Sucker Punch (also, they gotta stop telling him their secrets... just saying...).

What gives this rumor more credibility is the fact that Sony actually renewed the Infamous web-domain. Now, why would you do that if you're not planning to release a new game...? To be fair, this is far from confirmation, but having two points of speculation is nice, especially considering that the last time we saw Infamous was in 2014 – 7 years ago. Now, I really don't mind that Sucker Punch paused Infamous, because I legitimately love(d) Ghost of Tsushima and much prefer it to Infamous. Still... with what Sucker Punch learned from Ghost and with all the new technology of our times, I can't help but think how amazing a new open-world superhero game from Sucker Punch would be...

The good thing about this leak is that the PlayStation Showcase actually takes place on Thursday, so we really don't have to wait all that long to see if it's true or not.

Now, if I may be so bold as to make some requests: Back when the first Infamous was released, a little gem called prototype also dropped. Sure, Prototype also got a sequel, but while we're on the subject of reviving old superhero games: Am I alone in thinking we need Prototype back asap? That, or turn it into an open-world Hulk franchise – either works for me. Cool? Ok, thanks.

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