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Finally some real information

Official Details on New 4K Nintendo Switch – Samsung OLED Display & Release Date

New 4K OLED Nintendo Switch Release Date
This is just concept art for the new Nintendo Switch, but ooh momma, we love it. That display does things to us. (Credit: wccftech)

The new Nintendo Switch will have 4K resolution, a 7-inch Samsung OLED and start production in June, with a release date later this year. Don't pass out now... keep reading:

If Bloomberg is the source, you know that sh*t just got real. You can read the whole Bloomberg story here, but since we already got you on EarlyGame – allow us to summarize.

New Nintendo Switch Quick Facts:

  • Nintendo plans to unveil the new Nintendo Switch this year
  • It will have a bigger, 7-inch OLED display from Samsung
  • The display has a 720p resolution in handheld
  • When docked, it will have 4K
Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date
And another concept. We gotta say, this one looks quite... plausible? We dig it, but we like the one at the top the most. (Credit: ComputerBild)

What is the New Nintendo Switch Release Date?

Production for this new Switch will start in June and the monthly target is 1 million units. The planned release date is Christmas 2021.

Whether this is just another Nintendo Switch upgrade or the new Nintendo Switch – also called Super Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch 2 – is unknown at this point. We think that this Switch is just another update and will be called Nintendo Switch Pro. Think of this as what the PS4 Pro is to the PS4. As for the true Switch successor, the name Super Nintendo Switch makes sense for us, and we expect it in 2022. We don't see Nintendo dropping an official Switch successor that only runs at 720p handheld. Nuh-uh.

New 4K OLED Nintendo Switch Release Date
So the Switch Lite is 5.5 inches and the Switch OG is 6.2. Thus you can expect the size difference of the new Nintendo Switch to the original to be the same as the Switch to the Switch Lite. (Credit: Reddit)

Here's what Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of display consultancy DSCC had to say:

The OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display.

We think we speak for all if we say: Thanks Captain Obvious. If you're unsure what a 7-inch screen means: The OG Switch has a 6.2-inch display and the Lite has a 5.5-inch display. For other inch comparisons, refer to a body part near you.

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