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Crash Bandicoot multiplayer

Multiplayer Crash Bandicoot Game Coming: Wumpa League

Crash Bandicoot Multiplayer Game Wumpa League
A Crash Bandicoot multiplayer? Yes, please. | © Naughty Dog

A Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game is very likely in development: Wumpa League is being heavily teased by Naughty Dog, and it sounds like a Mario Party and Fall Guys competitor for the party-game crown.

Some members of the press (not us, btw, yeah, no worries, I'm not crying, you're crying) got sent promotional material by Naughty Dog, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. The material heavily teases an upcoming Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game: Wumpa League.

Crash Bandicoot Multiplayer: Wumpa League

Basically, the idea of Wumpa League had been floating around for a while, but Naughty Dog sending out promotional material not only strengthens the rumors, but rather gives them more life than ever before. More specifically, the chosen ones were sent a "BIG Wumpa piñata," a postcard and a mallet (again: not us, but whatevs... I'm so over it).

The postcard reads "...even met some friends who were way out of his league." That not only describes my Tinder history (hello, friendzone), but also highly hints at the title of the Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game: Wumpa League.

The idea of Wumpa League had been floating around for a while, and it's always been intended as a PvP, PvE, party game – a competitive multiplayer with platforming in open 3D environments.

Sounds like... Mario Party? Kind of. Actually, not just kind of, it really sounds like Mario Party. Some more rumors suggest that Wumpa League will have teams compete as part of an orange and a blue team, and that it's about collecting Wumpa Fruit and bringing them back to base. That... actually doesn't sound like Mario Party, but I will stand by my earlier wrong statement, because I own my mistakes.

Now that the promotional material is out, I'm sure that it won't be long before we hear more from Naughty Dog regarding Wumpa League. Also, I'm sure that Fall Guys is sweating bullets somewhere.

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