Leak: Microsoft Are Buying Another Huge Games Publisher

Microsoft Buying Game Developer Publisher
Is it CDPR? Is it Rockstar? Is it Ubisoft? Will the whole world of gaming become Xbox exclusive? | © Microsoft, CDPR, Rockstar, Ubisoft

Leaks suggest that Microsoft are getting ready to acquire another huge game developer? Will they add to their exclusive-offering, after purchasing Bethesda?

If you didn't know: Microsoft splurged a breezy $7.5 billion on Bethesda. They also got the Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield becoming exclusives out of the deal, which is the biggest blow Microsoft has dealt Sony since... actually it might be the biggest ever. Sony-fans were certifiably vivid, and we can't blame them. Now, it seems like Microsoft is about to drop some of that Gates money again:

Microsoft to Buy Another Game Publisher

This leak comes your way, courtesy of SKULLZI, who took to Twitter to announce the following:

Why should we believe him? Beats me, actually. Yes, the man has successfully leaked in the past, but he's nowhere near as reputable as someone like Tom Henderson. Still, major gaming-news-outlets picked up on this, and we don't wanna miss out on the party.

Looking at the leak logically, though, it would make sense for Microsoft to add to their collection. Surely, they weren't satisfied with just acquiring Bethesda, since they only pump out about 2-3 games a year, including all the developers that are working for them.

Now the real fun part is speculating which developers Microsoft have set their sights on. The three that came to my mind were Rockstar, Ubisoft and CDPR. All three suggestions sound out of this world, but so did Bethesda before it actually became a reality.

Out all three, Rockstar is probably the most unlikely: I can't imagine Microsoft being able to pay so much that it'd be worth for them missing out on milking GTA on Sony systems. Ubisoft and CDPR, though, could definitely use a couple of Microsoft's billions and their games are still big enough for Microsoft to be worth investing into. If you ask me, my money is on CDPR, who are likely looking to rebound from the financial hiccough that was Cyberpunk 2077, and who also have something to offer that Microsoft is most definitely interested in: The Witcher 4.

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