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A decade late, but fine

A Men In Black Game Is Coming To PS5

MiB Game
This is going way back to a franchise most had forgotten about...| © Sony Pictures

In a leak that beggars belief, a placeholder for a Men In Black game on PS5 was discovered and shared before it could be taken down. Sony owns the franchise so an exclusive game for Men In Black actually makes more sense than it might seem. Details below. 

Okay, let's just go way back to the beginning for those who have been living under a rock or are too young to remember Men In Black. In this franchise, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are the Men In Black, a secret security force that protects the Earth from aliens. Aliens come, action ensues. Simple. 

And now it's coming to a console near you! The leak doesn't tell us exactly what type of game this will be, but It would be odd to imagine it as anything other than a third-person action/adventure.

Men In Black On PS5

According to a 4chan leaker, a placeholder for the upcoming Men In Black game was accidentally put on a gaming store's website before being quickly and quietly removed. But not, thankfully, too quick for the user to  grab a screenshot: 

MiB Placeholder
The above was shared on 4chan. Apparently, this is the cover art for Men In Black | © 4chan

It's a very simple design but placeholders often have unfinished designs like this. It's a shame it gives quite so little away though, it would be interesting to know if we're following the story of the films or just exploring that universe. 

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - for your viewing pleasure:

Can We Trust The Men In Black Leak?

Placeholder leaks like this can be easily falsified, but that said, the Men In Black franchise would be hugely successful with a comeback - so it's at least believable. Slips like this have happened in the past and have turned out to be genuine. 

Either way, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out; the PlayStation showcase is coming on September 9 so the return of Men In Black might be unveiled then. It would almost certainly be a PlayStation exclusive because the Men In Black franchise is owned by Sony. 

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