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Meme-Match Among Us: The best Gifs and Memes

Among us Memes
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Among Us is still one of the most streamed games on Twitch and it makes for some funny memes. We've put together a list of memes for you viewing pleasure.

Let's go: First of all, you need the right equipment before you start into the "high-spec" game, Among Us. Let's take a look at a typical Among us match and how the shit hits the fan.

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Among us Meme
Image Credit: 9GAG

Then you look for a suitable lobby. If you don't have nine friends at hand, this can prove to be more difficult than expected.

Among us Meme
Image Credit: 9GAG

Of course, the right color must then be selected. What was it called again, light blue, turquoise, cyan, watercolors.

And then those few impatient players in your lobby start complaining. After all, a match cannot start fast enough.

Of course everyone would like to be an Imposter, but why? It's not about killing - the main thing is not to do annoying tasks.

Among us meme
Image Credit: 9GAG

But it can also be fun to... dance (?)... through the tasks

After faking a couple of tasks and sneaking behind crewmates, the first kill comes.

And after the body is found, the discussion starts. The best thing is to look on from the outside and stay quiet while the others do all the work.

Among us Meme
Image Credit: 9GAG

Nobody pays attention to evidence or serious accusations anyway. Guessing is also much more fun.

If we ever end up Imposters it would seem that the Crewmates somehow become the greatest hobby-detectives on the planet.

And so it seems that the first time anyone is "sus" they're immediately ejected from the space ship.

In our opinion Sus is the new word of the year!

What are your favorite memes from Among Us? Do your matches run in a similar way? If you still need some help, you can find our Among Us Map-Guide here:

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Original Article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat