Everything there is to know about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Release Date, Multiplayer, Story Tweaks - Everything We Know

Mass effect legendary edition release date

Desperately trying to contain my excitement vs. just going all in... what to do, what to do... (Credit: BioWare)

The official trailer for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition just dropped and we finally have a bunch of new info about the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy. Here is everything you need to know about it.

How many times do fans beg for remastered’s of their old favorites vs. how many times does it actually happen? Well, in this case, BioWare actually listened… for once.

And now that the official 4K trailer for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out, so are a bunch of other things that we want to share with you today!


Do you ever just feel like you've been transported back in time? I feel like that right now.. (via YouTube)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date

Now, there have been speculations about whether or not Mass Effect Legendary Edition might be coming out in March already. But that always sounded too good to be true, right?

Nevertheless, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date has now been officially confirmed for May 14th!

Now, you could stop here and say, okay, got it, thanks for the info, I'll take my leave. But hold, dear sir or madam. As your unofficial BioWare representative of this website (still trying to make this a thing, don't think the boss likes the title very much, though), I would like to give you SO MUCH MORE INFO! Because this, my friends, is what I was born to do.

Which Consoles Will Mass Effect Legendary Edition Come Out For?

Come on, be honest. When the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was revealed you thought: oh, crap. I won’t get my PS5 in time for the release. Well, you’re good, bud, because turns out: there won’t even be a PS5 nor Xbox Series X/S version. Yep, you heard that right. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will only come out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can still play the game(s) on next-gen consoles, but only via backward compatibility.

Now here’s an interesting fact, though. In an interview with Eurogamer, Mac Walters (writer and project director of Mass Effect) has actually given Nintendo Switch fans a little bit of hope that maybe, in the future, the game might also release on the Nintendo Switch! And when I say future, I mean… future, guys. Like waaaaay in the future.

Just... buy it for another console. It's better this way.

Mass effect legendary edition thane

Like, come on.. you really want to experience this on your tiny Nintendo Switch Lite? (Credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tweaks & Changes

Let’s start with the obviously most IMPORTANT part of Mass Effect. Making yourself a hot-looking Shepard, am I right? No? Well, you’re still in luck, because Character Customisation will indeed be tweaked, most notably, the hairstyles and skin tones will get an overhaul. And if you’ve ever played a female Shepard before, you know how much that's needed.

And those of you who have struggled with female Shepards: worry no more. The iconic female Shepard that we all simped for at least once in our lives will now be part of Mass Effect Legendary Edition from the start! So that all you nasty fangirls and boys out there can thirst over the sex scene between female Shepard and Liara (myself included).

And while we’re already talking about alien sex… don’t expect to see any romance or story changes to this game. As much as I - and probably many others - would have liked to have even more romance options (there can never be enough) and especially some story tweaks here and there, they won’t be coming. For the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, they wanted to focus on something else, probably the biggest change that is the most obvious one.

Mass effect legendary edition graphics

This picture does it no credit. But you've seen the trailer. (Credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has 4K Graphics!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remastered, and remastereds are usually all about making it a game that you can play at the current time. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released in 4K and will include all three games in one + all 40 DLC’s (no honey, that's not a typo: 40 DLCs)! Yes, yes, you knew that already, but guys… alien sex in 4K with enhanced visuals in regards to models, lighting, shaders, and special effects! All in one!

Mass effect legendary edition graphicss

Yes, getting killed by a reaper in 4K, that's how I like it. (Credit: BioWare)

Will Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have Multiplayer?

I hyped you up so hard, and now I have to let you down so badly… because the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will NOT have the Multiplayer that Mass Effect 3 had.

But then again… if you’re playing Mass Effect for the Multiplayer, you’re doing something wrong. Might want to check out Call of Duty instead, bud.

When can I pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Right now. Yup, we saved the best possible news for last.

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