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An update that you might not have cared about, but will get anyway

Marvel’s Avengers: Release Date for Next-Gen Consoles

Marvel’s Avengers: Release Date for Next-Gen Consoles
The effects do be looking cool, though... (Credit: Disney/Marvel)

Marvel’s Avengers will finally come out on Next-Gen consoles after the release got pushed back last October. What are the details and when is the release date? All right here and now.

Listen, I’ll be completely honest with you all. I love Marvel’s Avengers and Chris Hemsworth/Chris Evans/Chris Pine/Chris Pratt (yes, I know one Chris doesn't go here, leave me alone) could do me in every way possible. But if the game version of Thor would touch me with his pinky, I would shiver (and not in a good way, you know what I mean?)

Anyways, if you’re playing the game for the story and not the hot characters (some people do that, I heard), then Next-Gen users, the whole 5 of you, will be excited.


When is the Release Date for Marvel’s Avengers?

March 18th. There. You’re welcome.

Is Marvel’s Avengers Worth Buying on Next-Gen?

What’s new in Marvel’s Avengers Next-Gen is:

  • up to 4K resolution (but 1440p on Xbox Series S)
  • Higher-resolution textures, models, and destruction
  • Higher frame rates

Additionally, Hawkeye will join the Avengers. Like... a year later. Because apparently, they replaced him with Ms. Marvel... the fu..-

Marvel’s Avengers: Release Date for Next-Gen Consoles
Don't be fooled by this picture. He looks even worse than that. (Credit: Disney/Marvel)

Anyways, PS4/Xbox One owners of the game will get a free upgrade on March 18th, so get yourself some bad-looking Hawkeye, kids.

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