She-Hulk Finally Coming out | New Marvel's Avengers DLC

Bruce Banner might be one of the least popular Avengers, especially since he put a shirt on in Endgame. It's time, we get a new greenie. Seems like the next Marvel's Avengers DLC is going to provide one.
Marvels Avengers She Hulk DLC
Could it be the green woman? | © Marvel Comics

We all know, Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t exactly a must-play when it came out. There was huge disappointment, and I must admit, a few tears may have been shed. But publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics managed to fight their way back into our field of attention. They provided Upgrades, DLCs, new characters, more story and finally they seem to be back on track.

Currently, everything coming out related to Marvel’s Avengers is hot sauce. Recently, we had Spider-Man joining the gang for late 2021 and the Black Panther DLC from August last year. Following the success that came with both of them, we propose that the devs are far from finished. And as usual there are clues, guys!

Will there be She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers?

It’s not officially confirmed yet, but it most certainly seems like it. There once was a guy on Twitter –Miller is his name – who broadly pointed out that Christopher Judge (you might know from the famous movie ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!’) would lend his voice to Black Panther for the Wakanda DLC. He was right. And he striked again.

Voice actress Krizia Bajos who also voiced Ximena in the quite famous League of Legends series Arcane is supposed to voice the She-Hulk in the upcoming DLC. You might consider this information with a fair amount of mistrust as Miller is just a random guy on Twitter.

But hear us out until the end. Bajos shared the tweet together with a green heart. How much more information do you want to get before things get official? Sadly, the Tweet got gededeledetet and therefore does not exist anymore. Did management strike? We’ll see...

However, Marvel Cinematic Universe is reportedly working on a She-Hulk series for Disney+. Also in the video game there were some leaks regarding a feminine version of Hulk that was featured in the comics quite some time ago. Alongside Kate Bishop and War Machine some hero cards in the Marvel’s Avengers game featured She-Hulk. A possible hint? The numerous DLCs support a new rather extraordinary character.

If the next DLC will again feature some old or new faces is still open for debate. Crystal Dynamics have published a roadmap for 2022 stating also possibilities of Dr. Strange or War Machine joining the squad. But as you know, the next leak is just around the corner.