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A Mandalorian Game is Rumored

A Mandalorian Game Might Be Coming to Xbox

Mandalorian Game
The Mandalorian needs a game so badly! |© Disney

There are a ton of rumors that suggest a Mandalorian game set in the Star Wars universe is in early development. The Disney+ TV series was a smashing success but only ran for two short seasons, so a game would be perfect! We go through everything that is known about the rumored upcoming Mandalorian Star Wars game.

If you're not a Star Wars fan, you will be after watching The Mandalorian, so we suggest you go fix that error right now and watch the entire series! It’s way less space magic and much more classic American Western but set in the world of Star Wars. Trust us, you will enjoy it.

What would be even more enjoyable than (re-)watching the Mandalorian would be playing a game as Mando and hunting down bounties as you ride the line between good and evil!

What We Know About the Mandalorian Game

The Current Mandalorian Game Rumors

This rumor I’d ranked as the stuff of tinfoil hat-wearing, so go into your kitchen and bust out the aluminum foil because things are about to get freaky.

Vice-President of Xbox and Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, is a bit of meme-lord. So the story goes, he literally had an unreleased X-Box Series S sitting on his shelf in the background of a public Zoom call before the console was officially announced. So guess what was sitting on his shelf in a recent Zoom call during Xbox FanFest? That's right, a Mandalorian Funko Pop figure! 

So yeah, not exactly proof that Xbox is developing this Lucas Arts/Disney IP, but we know for sure a studio will step up and develop a Mandalorian Star Wars game at some point in time. Star Wars games have typically fallen into the evil hands of EA for better or for worse so anyone but EA would be a much-welcomed change.

The Bounty Hunter Star Wars Game that Never Happened!

Star Wars 1313 Game Canceled
The Star Wars game that Disney cut! | © Star Wars

In 2012, a new Star Wars game was announced at E3 but never saw the light of day because Disney purchased the Star Wars IP and canceled all projects related to Star Wars. The game was called Star Wars 1313 and would focus on Bounty Hunters and their underground networks. However, it never made it off the ground and is now merely a footnote in gaming history. 

 This is good news because of the chances that a Mandalorian game about Bounty Hunters could most definitely be in the works to replace this long forgotten and canceled project.

What Studio Is Developing the Mandalorian Game?

Not the easiest question to answer, but both Zenimax Studios and MachineGames have been rumored to have contacted Lucas Arts about IP. Both companies are also working on unannounced projects and one could very well be set in the Star Wars Universe. 

A Mandalorian Game will essentially be a money-printing machine so let’s see what dev studio gets to cash in on this wildly successful franchise.

When Will the Mandalorian Game Be Released?

Seeing as it has not been officially announced in any capacity, it could be at least a couple of years before we see anything at all. No date is even close to being known.

Okay, that's enough Star Wars Mandalorian rumors for one day. If you are into rumors, then check out this spicy Halo x Battlefield dev team! 

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