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Battlefield's default game mode is getting an overhaul

Leaked: This Is The New Conquest Mode In Battlefield 6


More Battlefield 6 leaks dropped this weekend. EA are reportedly going to change the beloved Conquest mode; they are doubling the player count and overhauling how objectives work. We've got all the details below. 

Battlefield 6 leaks continue to escape Tom Henderson's Discord channel. This past weekend, just days before the official reveal on June 9, yet more information emerged about the game. An anonymous poster shed new light on a 'hero system' like in Star Wars Battlefront, a wacky new attachment feature, and on changes being made to the Conquest game mode. Conquest is basically the default Battlefield mode for multiplayer, it's loved by fans, and it's always been popular - here's what's going to change in the mode. 

What's New In Battlefield 6's Conquest Mode

Conquest will now be 64-players a side, played on the biggest maps in Battlefield history and played by capturing 'sectors' rather than individual objectives. The maps are divided into sectors - each the size of a Battlefield 3 map - and teams have to capture 3 or 4 objectives in each sector to claim that sector. Once gained, a team cannot lose sectors. 

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The leaks claim the changes to Conquest are part of a larger effort by EA to make this Battlefield feel incredibly team-focused. The developers reportedly want to minimize rewards for rushing / lone wolf plays, and instead reward teams who move together. This sounds like it'll be very popular among the Battlefield fanbase, but we'll see exactly how popular soon enough. 

We'll have more on this story in the coming week when Battlefield is officially revealed.

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We think this makes sense if the maps are as massive as we've heard, but what about you? Are you going to miss classic conquest or does this sound like an improvement? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and better yet, consider joining MyEarlyGame - where we keep an ear to the ground for you!