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Leaker reveals images from the Battlefield 6 trailer ahead of release

Leaked: Battlefield 6 Trailer!

Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaks
Henderson strikes again! Battlefield insider verifies images. (Credit: EA)

Another leak for Battlefield 6 has just been revealed: screenshots of the first trailer ahead of its official release. More news for Battlefield 6 is coming in every day, as EA and DICE start drumming up hype for the franchise. As with other recent news though, this comes to us from less official sources - none other (of course) than Tom Henderson.   

Tom Henderson, who revealed in a recent live stream that he has never signed an NDA concerning Battlefield, has been single-handedly revealing more about the game than any other source, including EA or DICE. Thanks to him we've learned about SBMM in the game, the official name of the project, and even the possible presence of a Battle Royale. Now, Tom's at it again with a verification of the two leaked screenshots: 

What Do the Leaked BF6 Images Show? 

The leaked images from the trailer show a very large island with a storm in the distance and, in the other, we see a huge missile preparing to launch from the perspective of a player inside a cockpit. Why not take a look yourself?

With impressive legal teams no doubt working to erase these leaks of the trailer, we cannot promise that the links will still work. But, at the time of writing they still did.

The futuristic missile technology from the images confirms what we suspected about the setting of the game, and the very large island map (much like Call of Duty: Warzone) gives us more confidence in our predictions for a Battle Royale featuring in the next Battlefield.  

Tell us what you think, are we reading too much into these images? Does the cockpit look more cold-war than 21st century? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to sign up with EarlyGame for more of the latest news. 

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