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These leaks are coming from every corner now...

Leaked: Battlefield Screenshots & Cover Art

Battlefield Cover Art
This is the Battlefield cover art. (Credit: EA)

More images of the Battlefield leak, just hours away from the trailer itself are being revealed. The leaked Battlefield images show the cover art for the game, as seen above, and a few other action scenes. We've got all the details right here. 

This year's Battlefield has been all over the place with its reveal. First, it was going to be released in May, then it was delayed, and leakers began – almost in retaliation to EA – to drop as much info about the game as they could. We've now had one of the internal trailers meant only for investors leak, we've had multiple gameplay screenshots, and now these images have emerged as well. 

What Do The Leaked Battlefield 6 Images Show? 

The leaked images show someone diving in a squirrel suit, attack helicopters above a huge construction site in the desert, and a squad of men jumping from a rooftop in the middle of a city. Take a look for yourselves: 

The tanks and helicopters are Apaches and M1 Abrams that we've seen in the game previously. And the Eurasian setting of cities and deserts also aligns with the leaked gameplay screenshots we've seen - so this leak seems legitimate. Needless to say, it makes us even more hyped for this game now. 

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