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Phil Spencer wants Game Pass everywhere

Leak: Will Xbox Game Pass Come to PlayStation?

Xbox Game Pass xcloud other consoles leaked email Phil Spencer
Will we see Game Pass on PlayStation? I'm here for it. (Credit: Microsoft | Grip | TheVerge)

Xbox Game Pass is apparently really meant to take over the world of gaming. A leaked email from the Apple vs Epic court case, revealed that Microsoft wants to push the streaming service out to every platform.

Xbox Game Pass is on one these days and really pushing the service to the forefront of gaming: Exclusive deals with Bethesda, Battlefield 6 on launch day and more – if there is a winner in cloud-base gaming, it's Game Pass:

Phil Spencer Wants Game Pass on Other Consoles

The ongoing court-drama between Epic and Apple is gold-tier gossip for all gamers: Amongst many, many leaks, spanning all areas of gaming, an email exchange between Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Xbox lead Phil Spencer was revealed, where Phil Spencer mentions his plans of bringing xCloud (Game Pass streaming) to other consoles:

Xbox Game Pass xcloud other consoles leaked email Phil Spencer
Phil and Tim just casually chatting about the future of gaming. (Credit: US District Court)

If you're too lazy to read the email, I'll summarize the important bits for you here: Phil Spencer really wants Xbox Game Pass on other consoles. Which consoles? We don't know, and he doesn't say, but it's long been rumored that Nintendo and Microsoft are working on some sort of deal. The big question is though: Will we see Game Pass on the PlayStation and PlayStation games on Game Pass? It seems unlikely, but then again, the Nintendo x Microsoft affair appears to be a safe bet and just a few years back, that would've been just as unlikely.

Given that Microsoft recently revealed that they're losing money on every single Xbox console and considering that Sony is not really established in streaming and cloud-gaming at all, marrying Game Pass and Sony could be a match made in heaven.

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