Leak: GTA 6 Will Be Revealed This Year

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We won't get GTA 6 this year, but a known leaker has suggested we'll get the reveal at least. That's still something right?
GTA 6 Reveal
Is that GTA on the Horizon? | © Rockstar

GTA 6 isn't coming this year. Sorry, that's just the facts of the situation. But the reveal trailer looks like it is, and this being GTA - one of the most widely acclaimed and successful franchises of all time - we can expect it to be the biggest gaming news of the year when it does. This news from a credible leaker, so let's get into it.

When will GTA 6 be revealed?

Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2022 according to a leaker on the Rockstar forums called TezFunz2. Now, TezFunz2 isn't just some guy on the Rockstar forums, he's been correct about every GTA Online content release that he's leaked ahead of time, and he clearly seems to know someone working for Rockstar. In this post on the Rockstar forums, he claimed that:

Since we are going into 2022, the new year is pretty much a given for the announcement of the next title.

Given that we already know the setting for GTA 6, and we've seen the cover art, this is a more reasonable time-frame than a lot of you might think. It's easy to become a cynic as a Rockstar fan; this company, moreso than any ever, can pretty much do what it wants. Even if GTA 6 comes out in a decade, and they market it terribly, it will inevitably break all sales records when it's released. Rockstar aren't beholden to anyone, and so it almost seems too good to be true when we hear genuine GTA 6 news. But that's what this looks like. Needless to say, we're hyped.

Perhaps during the reveal, they'll show off some of their new tech...

When will GTA 6 be released?

GTA 6 will be released sometime between 2023 and 2025, there's been confusion over the release because a very famous leaker called Tom Henderson has claimed that it will be released in 2025, but multiple GTA-specific leakers are claiming 2023. We honestly couldn't tell you which one is right, or which leaker we're even more confident in, but here are the claims:

Per Tom's Twitter. And here's what the GTA leakers are alternatively claiming:

The development issues that Tom mentions have now been verified by other insiders, but whether these issues are so bad they'll force Rockstar to push back the release date? It could all by hype. We'll let you know as soon as we know more.