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Well it's about time, seriously though, we're hyped

Leak: EA Are Bringing Back Dead Space

Dead Space Revival
Looks like this leak is actually coming true – it's going to be huge | © EA

EA Motive, the studio that worked on Star Wars Squadrons, were reportedly working on reviving the Dead Space franchise. The leak, from infamous gaming insider Jeff Grubb, has now been corroborated by Gematsu. It seems likely, therefore, that EA will reveal more about Dead Space at the EA Play Live showcase. 

Dead Space was one of the most beloved horror franchises (of which there are criminally too few), and so it was with a heavy heart that we slowly mourned its passing all those years ago. For a great many, it felt that there was no hope of a revival. But that's all changed now. 

Jeff Grub had given subtle hints about a Dead Space revival in the past, but his recent murmurings on the topic have now been confirmed by others. This also means that we're likely to find out more news about Dead Space at the upcoming EA Play event in July. 

What Was Actually Leaked About Dead Space

In a video on June 18, Jeff Grubb hinted at a new Dead Space with the quip: "We'll see ... if we're not dead before". Now it might not seem like much, but Grubb has been proven right before. Here's the stream he said this in while going over E3:

This would probably remain as a more obscure leak if Jeff Grubb had not already acquired a following with authentic leaks in the past. 

This has been a real summer for leaks and reveals, in case you missed any of the action:

When Is The EA Play Live Showcase?

The EA Play Live showcase is on July 22, and it's the event to watch for those who want more Dead Space news. For Grubb to even have the information to share, suggests that the developers likely aren't long from an official announcement anyhow. And EA Play would be the perfect time to announce the return of this much–loved title. 

Until then, we're afraid you'll have to wait for more leaks or reveals to know for certain, but we'll keep you updated as this story develops.  

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