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I’m about to shite my pants, friends. If this Dragon Age 4 Alpha is really coming, I’m done.

Leak: Dragon Age 4 Alpha Coming In July

Dragon Age 4 Alpha Coming in July
Please... I know it won't be, but let it be real. | © BioWare

Many BioWare fans are desperately hoping for something Dragon Age 4 related at next month’s EA Play, but now it looks like a Dragon Age 4 Alpha is coming even sooner. Is that really true?

It’s not been 84 years, but 7 since Dragon Age: Inquisition has come out. With EA Play in July, fans are hoping for some news on the next installment of the franchise, even if it’s just a tiny breadcrumb that can be dissected for hours on end. But maybe we don’t even have to wait that long, because according to PlayStation Game Size, an account that tells you just how much space PS4 and PS5 games will need, an Alpha for Dragon Age 4 will release before EA Play.

Now, let’s talk a little more about this.

Will Dragon Age 4 Have An Alpha?

Honestly? We doubt it. To have an Alpha before the game has even released a proper trailer, when we don’t even know if Dragon Age 4 is the actual title… just no. Obviously, if BioWare wants to prove us wrong here, they can, and we’d say thank you.

However, the fact that something was found on the PlayStation Store could point to something else… that we will indeed finally see something of substance Dragon Age 4 related at EA Play in July. Whether that will be a Dragon Age 4 Trailer, a Dragon Age 4 name reveal or maybe even a Dragon Age 4 release date, no idea.

Nevertheless, seeing leaks and news about the game finally makes it seem like Dragon Age 4 is indeed a step closer to coming into our homes and onto our consoles/PCs.

And let me, once again, say: if we indeed get an Alpha for Dragon Age 4 in July, I will personally write BioWare a “Thank You” letter.

When Is EA Play 2021?

EA Play 2021 is taking place on July 22, 10AM PT. So bear your blades and raise it high for some Dragon Age action… hopefully.

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What do you think about this leak? Will Dragon Age 4 indeed get an Alpha as soon as next month? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!