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Battlefield's new attachment system sounds wild...

Leak: The Battlefield 6 Attachment System Has Been Revealed

Battlefield 6 Attachment System
Battlefield 6 is sounding more and more like a sequel to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. (Credit: Ubisoft)

More Battlefield 6 leaks reveal details of the gameplay. The attachment system has been described on a famous discord for Battlefield leaks, and was also shared on Reddit and 4chan. The new system sounds very much like Battlefield, and we've got all the details on how it works below. 

Another day, another Battlefield 6 leak, as we wait for the official reveal on June 9. In case you've missed the news so far, Battlefield has been teased by EA, but they are remaining very tight-lipped on the game. In response, the community has been encouraging leaks. One of the biggest places for this is on the Discord channel of Battlefield insider (and now infamous leaker) Tom Henderson. One of the members of that Discord recently shared a lot of info on the game across several social media sites. One of the biggest details from that leak dump was the new attachment system for Battlefield 6

How Does The New Attachment System Work In Battlefield 6

In Battlefield 6 you will be able to carry two attachments on your person that you can put on different weapons in-game, including ones you pick up off fallen enemies. So if you bring a sound suppressor and red dot sight on your character, you can pick up a gun from the floor and remove the optic that's on the gun to put your red dot sight on instead. Obviously the weapon has to be able to use the attachment for this to be possible. 

It sounds like pure 'Battlefield tacticool' and we're excited. No doubt there will be hundreds of attachments to choose from too. Hopefully, this is so ridiculous and over the top that we can switch out barrels mid firefight - we'll have to wait and see. 

Are you trying to keep up with all the Battlefield leaks? Then you've come to the right place. Here are some of the other leaks we know so far:

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