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Will it be... a knockout? (Yeah... sorry...)

Will This Game Be The New Rocket League?

Knockout City Esports
Before you judge Knockout City's choice of font and logo...: Remember the Rocket League menu music. Thank you. (Credit: EA)

Knockout City clearly has esports ambitions and with EA's money behind it, it's fair to ask: What's this game's potential? Is Knockout City an upcoming esports hit? 

Hear me out here folks: Yes, the Rocket League comparison is getting tired. Here's the thing though: Rocket League was never expected to become as big as it has. Now that Rocket League is a top tier esports, there's a new genre to be explored: Fiction sports games.

Knockout City is clearly pummeling down that alley: A unique spin on dodgeball coupled with shooter mechanics and familiar game modes. We're hyped for this and see huge potential. Here is why you should be too:

Knockout City Has All the Right Ingredients to Become an Esports

Knockout City Esports
We can already see all the cosmetics-microtransaction. (Credit: EA)
  • Knockout City will be free to play
  • Knockout City is not limited by age restriction
  • Knockout City will launch on PS4, Switch and PC
  • Knockout City will have crossplay

The above are all formulas for success: With PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, the game is covering all the biggest platforms. Don't underestimate the fact that the game will not be burdened by age restrictions or a paywall: This E for Everyone rating will ring true since money won't be an issue. For PC gamers a huge factor is also the game's simple graphics. It means that most PC gamers should be able to run the game.

Why We're Hyped for Knockout City

Maybe I should take the 'we' out of this. This author right here is hyped for one simple reason: I'm tired of shooters. Why do we always have to shoot things? Why have headshots become the most accepted and casual accomplishment a gamer can gun for? Why do we say 'gun for' something when talking about chasing achievements? Why am even I doing it – the one that doesn't like shooters...?

Knockout City might change that. It's centered around dodgeball with a twist: Curveballs, snipe balls, human balls... wait... 


So you see... in the game... you can actually ball up as a human and become a human ball, so... anyway...:

Knockout City might be doing to shooters what Rocket League did to FIFA: Bring a new fresh take to the genre. A take that's not tied down by realism or genre tropes.

It's just... what were they even going for?

It has to be noted that Rocket League is not the only game with 'Rocket' in its title that comes to mind. In fact, Knockout City is much, much more reminiscent of Rocket Arena – a game that is not all that old. The thing is that Rocket Arena overestimated how deep gamers' pockets are: The game launched with a $30 price tag and was dead on arrival...

Knockout City is going for the free-to-play route, which means that with EA money drumming the marketing machine, only one thing can stop this game from success: Gameplay.

The good old NBA days, before the COVID lockdown crap.

When Will Knockout City Be Released?

Knockout City will be released on May 21, 2021. You can already sign up for the beta though via the official website. 


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