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When Is Valheim Coming to PS4, PS5 & Xbox? We Have Answers

Valheim Coming to Consoles
"Look, son. Do you see her? Over there! Bathing butt-naked." (Credit: Valheim)

Valheim is all the hype right now and console gamers are wondering: When will Valheim come to PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S? Also, when is the gaming coming to mobile? We got answers.

First things first, you can already play Valheim on mobile. Read this: How to Play Valheim On Mobile Right Now! You're welcome. 

Outside of that, the game is currently only playable on PC. With the game's huge success though, surely the game will come to PS5, PS4 and Xbox eventually.

When Will Valheim Be Released on Consoles?

Valheim Coming to Consoles
Valheim: Where there's hype, there has to be a console release. That, or we riot. EZ.(Credit: Valheim)

In an FAQ, the Valheim devs (it's a group of 5 people y'all - how crazy is that) confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring Valheim to any other platform.


Still, in that very FAQ, they said there are no plans for any other platforms right now and then specifying: Valheim will not be released anywhere else during Early Access, but quite possibly after.

With Early Access expected to end some time in 2022, expect the earliest Valheim console release date in late 2022 or even 2023.

Valheim Coming to Consoles
Valheim: How can a game look pretty, but so ugly at the same time? (Credit: Valheim)

If this makes you sad, because you can't play Valheim, keep the following in mind though:


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