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How to Share Games With Your Friends on the PS5

PlayStation 5 console sharing with friends
Image Credit: Sony

The PlayStation 5 is already out for half the world. How can you link your PS5 with another one and share games? The answer is console sharing and here’s all you need to know!

Have you ever wanted to play a game together with a friend but they didn’t have it? Well, worry no more because Sony's console sharing feature will solve that. Thanks to it you’ll be able to share any game you want with a friend or vice versa. The best part? It's free.

PS5 Console Sharing: How it Works

Console sharing is enabled by default on the PlayStation 5. In any case double-check by going into settings, users and accounts, and then other. What you have to select in there is “console sharing” and “offline play” and make sure it's enabled. That's all.

Every game you get on your PSN account can be shared on the system. That’s great for households when you don’t want your siblings ruining your excellent statistics because they suck in a certain game.

If you want a particular game there’s a better way than to purchase it straight away. We’re all up for supporting the developers but times are hard in 2020 so they’ll understand plus this feature has been around for years. All you need is a friend that already has the game you want. Maybe you can purchase it together on one of your accounts. They can give you their account details which you can then enter into your own system. From there on you can download the game and play it. For free. Ain’t that great?

PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller
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But Can You Play at the Same Time?

The answer is yes. All you have to do is enable console sharing on your own system. In the meantime, your friend who gave you the details can still log in and play on their account and system. Just beware, console sharing can only work for one other system at a time. This basically means that if you piss off your friend and he decides to enable console sharing on his own console you’ll be screwed. As long as it’s enabled on yours you’ll be able to play the games your friend has. If you deactivate it you’ll be back to a much emptier game library.

You can enable Console Sharing and Offline Play on one PS5 console at a time. If you enable the setting on a new PS5 console, the Console Sharing and Offline Play setting on your other PS5 console will be disabled. Other users on the disabled console won’t be able to play your games and media.

It’s also what makes the feature “balanced”. Imagine if an unlimited number of people were able to play from a single purchase (at the same time). Game devs would’ve been broke by now.

That’s all there is to it, now go out there, play some games and have fun.

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