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No Cap: You can play Valheim on Mobile

How to Play Valheim On Mobile Right Now!

How to play Valheim on mobile
Winter is coming. (Credit: Valheim)

Valheim is already playable on mobile – even without an official mobile release. How? Simple, read this article and follow the steps.

Since February 4 of this year, Valheim's been playable on mobile devices. The announcement was sneaky, because... there was no announcement.

How Can I Play Valheim On Mobile?

Simple: Download NVIDIA GeForce NOW and, with it, you can enjoy the game on your smartphone. You're welcome.

Valheim was added to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW lineup on February 4. If you're unfamiliar with GeForce NOW, here's the TLDR: 

It's a cloud-based streaming service that lets you play any game you already own on PC on any tablet, smartphone or any other laptop. Basically it makes your entire PC library portable and playable in HD, as long as you have 40 Mbps download speed.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is free with 1-hour sessions and queue times. The premium version will cost you $4.99 a month and has unlimited play sessions with no queue time. Both allow HD gaming.

How to play Valheim on mobile
Valheim is mostly known for its beautiful graphics. (Credit: Valheim)

Can I Play Valheim with GeForce NOW on Android and iOS?

Yes. With this method, you can play Valheim on Android and Apple devices. The only difficulty with iOS devices is that you'll have to access GeForce NOW via the Safari browser.

There it is. You thought we were gonna clickbait you here, didn't you? Nah, fam. Valheim on mobile for real. Enjoy.

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