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How To Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox!

How to Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox, God of War, Death Stranding
Seriously, with all these PlayStation exclusives playable on Xbox... Microsoft is building something here. (Credit: Microsoft, God of War, Death Stranding)

Thanks to a workaround, you can actually play Steam, Epic and Stadia games on your Xbox. That means some PS4 & PS5 'exclusives' will also be playable. Thanks, GeForce Now. We appreciate you. More, as always, below:

It brings us great joy that this is not some shady clickbait, but the actual truth: Thanks to a browser workaround, you can play all kinds of games on your Xbox. Games that you're not really supposed to play on your Xbox. How? Via Steam, Edge and GeForce NOW.

How to Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox, God of War, Death Stranding
Yeah, the design and the colors are just... ugh... but trust us: GeForce Now is worth it! (Credit: GeForce Now)

How to Play Steam Games and PS4/PS5 Exclusives on Your Xbox

It's really quite simple, all you need is the following:

  • You have to be an Xbox Insider user 
  • You need to go into your Edge Browser
  • You can then play the games via your Edge browser through GeForce Now

This is all made possible thanks to the streaming service GeForce Now. What's more, GeForce Now is mostly free, so there's no harm in trying it. GeForce Now will cost you nothing for one-hour gaming sessions with a couple minutes of server queue after every hour. If you shell out $4.99 a month, you get 6-hour streaming sessions without any queue. Oh... the GeForce library doesn't just include Steam games either – it includes the Epic Games store and some of their free games as well. Can I get a "Holy Sh*t"? Thank you.

If you're not an Xbox Insider (which is free, so... why not) then don't worry: Edge will come to Xbox in a system update near you very soon.

How to Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox, God of War, Death Stranding
When a screenshot looks better than your whole life. (Credit: God of War)

What PlayStation Exclusives Can I Now Play on Xbox?

The big payoff for this right now is that it will allow you to play Death Stranding via GeForce Now on Xbox. The bigger deal is that Sony is bringing more and more PlayStation exclusives to PC: Days Gone is already announced for April, and God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted and Bloodborne are supposedly coming to PC every 2 months afterward. 

Depending on what deals NVIDIA is able to strike for GeForce Now with Steam and Epic, you might also be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human on the Xbox soon. Both are PS4 Exclusives that made the jump to PC.

How to Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox, God of War, Death Stranding
Facts: Bill Gates at the Xbox Series X reveal.

How Do I Join Xbox Insider?

  • Go to the Store on the dashboard
  • Select Search 
  • Search Xbox Insider Hub
  • Select Install 
  • Once you open the app you’re automatically enrolled

Google Stadia Will Also Be Playable On Xbox

So what does this mean? Well, it certainly means that the Xbox Series S becomes a super affordable next gen gaming option: It will be able to stream Stadia games, GeForce Now games and Xbox Game Pass games via xCloud. What's more, it can stream these games in 4K quality, as streaming is restricted by your internet connection and your screen resolution, not by your Xbox system. 

That's not all though: Even your old Xbox One can now stream Stadia, GeForce Now, Game Pass and even Xbox Series X games via Game Pass/xCloud. Oh, and Cyberpunk 2077? Yeah, you can now stream the PC version in 4K and 60 fps with ray-tracing via Stadia or GeForce Now. 

How to Play PlayStation Exclusives on Xbox, God of War, Death Stranding

The question is: Does this make the new Xbox systems entirely obsolete? Does this make all gaming systems obsolete? Your answer is as good as ours, but if all these exclusives keep dropping on the PC, it means that any device capable of opening a browser can stream any next-gen game. Phone, tablet, old a** laptop... it doesn't even matter.

Game-Streaming is the future folks. Amidu from EarlyGame said it first.

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Quick Money Facts:

  • Signing up for Xbox Insider is free
  • GeForce Now is free with a 1 hour & queue restriction and $4.99 for the unrestricted premium
  • Google Stadia streaming is free to use, but you buy every game at full price. The premium version costs $10 a month and gives you a limited, growing free games library
  • Game Pass Ultimate is $15 a month and comes with monthly free Xbox Live games, Game Pass and xCloud streaming

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