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How to Play New Game Modes in Among Us

Among Us New Game Modes
Wasn't me... (Credit: @Neytirix via Twitter)

When will we finally get new game modes in Among Us? Well, the developers InnerSloth finally have a response for us.

So we've all been lying, scheming and killing to our heart's content in 2020 and early 2021. We've also been playing a lot of Among Us. Since we played so much, it's about time for some new content and the four developers (yeah, InnerSloth are four people) have an answer:

Will Among Us Get New Game Modes?

Among Us New Game Modes
Not so cute anymore, huh? (Credit: @Neytirix via Twitter)

Recently InnerSloth had a little FAQ on Steam and the developers are very, very aware that fans want new game modes. After all, fans already came up with new modes anyway. Modding is a beautiful thing, and it puts a lot of pressure on developers to make some of these mods official.

"Game modes are being discussed internally, but they are currently low priority. No specifics to share yet."

So there's your answer. Currently, no new official game modes are planned. But: You can easily mod the game and enjoy various game modes in Among Us or even play hide-and-seek without any mods.

How Do You Play Hide & Seek in Among Us?

Among Us New Game Modes
He's behind me, isn't he? (Credit: inshoo1 - DeviantArt)

You can play Hide and Seek without any mods: Set up a game with one imposter that immediately reveals his identity via the only Emergency Meeting. Everybody then agrees to not report and not do any more Emergency Meetings, nor boot the imposter into space.

Then the real hide-and-seek begins: All crewmates go into hiding and the imposter counts down to then sabotage the lights. From here, he goes about his business: Killing people in the dark. Of course, you can not report bodies, nor fix the lights, nor can the imposter sabotage anything else.

You can flex the rules a bit and have crewmates complete tasks or define whether or not they just stay hidden, but essentially, this is the game and the last crewman standing wins.

Here are some example settings for how to play hide-and-seek in Among Us:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Emergency Meeting: 1
  • Discussion time: 15s
  • Voting time: 12s
  • Player speed: 1.0x
  • Crewmate vision: 1.5x
  • Imposter vision: 0.25
  • Kill cooldown: 15s
  • Kill distance: Short
  • Common tasks: 2
  • Long tasks: 0
  • Short tasks: 4

How Do You Use Mods in Among Us & Play New Game Modes?

Among Us New Game Modes
The Ketchup bottle just kind of exploded... I don't know what to tell ya.

The easiest way to play a modded version of Among Us with various game modes is to get Among Us Mods. The launcher comes pre-installed with many new options and multiplayer modes and constantly gets updated with new mods. There are game modes like Sheriff and Vigilante, a Battle Royale mode and a 'Drag the Bodies' mod for the imposters. Basically the mods just add new flavor to Among Us.

Here's a guide on how to install the Sheriff and Vigilante mod and other Among Us mods. The other mods essentially follow the same formula:

Unfortunately all this modding goodness is PC only and not available on mobile or the Switch. For mobile and Switch players, the only option is to wait until Innersloth releases new game modes.


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