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It’s actually fairly easy to play God of War on PC. If you know how.

How To Play God of War on PC

How To Play God of War on PC
It's super easy to play God of War on PC, guys! | © Santa Monica Studios

God of War came out 3 years ago, yet people are still bugged out that not everyone was able to enjoy the game. Now, PC players get to enjoy God of War too. Here’s how.

If you’re an Xbox player, click off this article, this one isn’t for you. Only PlayStation and PC players are able to enjoy this little guide. Yes, even PlayStation players are involved in this little How to play God of War on PC guide. In fact, they are probably the most important part of it all, because how to play God of War on PC is actually super easy. There’s only one condition.

Can You Play God of War on PC?

Yes, you can play God of War on PC if you have PlayStation Now. I’m assuming that you know what PlayStation Now is – not to be confused with PlayStation Plus – but it’s essentially the GamePass, but for PlayStation. It’ll cost the same amount of money ($9,99 for a month, $24,99 for three months or $59,99 for a year) as the Xbox GamePass, and it has a massive library of games that will be accessible to you for free. And if you have that, then you can now also play God of War on PC. But how?

How To Use PS Now on PC

  • Connect your PlayStation Controller to your PC via a Sony Mini-USB cable or a USB Wireless Adapter
  • Download the PS Now App
  • Open the PS Now App & Log in to your PSN account
  • Choose which game you want to stream

And there you have it, pretty simple, pretty straightforward. You can super easily play God of War on your PC today… if you have PS Now. And keep in mind: you can have a trial period for PS Now, so even if you just want to play God of War on PC and then throw the subscription service out the window – you can.

Win-win situation. Even you Xbox players might decide to get it… despite you probably hating PlayStation. That’s just the way it is… and the way it’ll always be. Sorry.

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