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Learn how to play Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite with our guide

How To Play Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite

How To Play Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite
How to play Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite? We got you covered. | © Pokémon Company

Alolan Ninetales is a Pokémon we never knew we needed until we got it. Same goes for the new Pokémon MOBA. If you want to main Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite, but don't know how to play Alolan Ninetales, then we've got the Pokémon Unite guide you were looking for. 

Pokémon Unite is here, and the hype is already through the roof. Everyone is dying to play the Pokémon 5v5 MOBA, and it's ranking high up on Twitch. Of, course we are just as hyped, so we'll be providing you with a lot of Pokémon Unite How-To guides. 

How To Play Alolan Ninetales in Pokémon Unite

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Basics

Alolan Ninetales is a pretty decent pick for an attacker that wants to engage quickly. Its stats are on the better side when compared to other Pokémon in the Pokémon Unite roster. Check them out:

  • Offense: 4/5
  • Endurance 1.5/5
  • Mobility 1.5/5
  • Scoring 2.5/5
  • Support 3/5

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Evolution

Like with the OG Ninetales, Alolan Vulpix will evolve into Alolan Ninetales at Level 4.

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Unique Abilities

  • Snow Warning – Snow falls around you, and your moves and boosted attacks sling snow at opponents. Merely approaching Alolan Ninetales damages and slows opponents due to the cold. Slinging snow on the same opponent multiple times temporarily freezes it. 
  • Basic Attack – Every third attack slows and deals increased damage to opponents in an area.

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Moves

Level 1

  • Powder Snow | 5s cooldown – Blasts opponents in a line with snow, slowing them.
  • Icy Wind | 8s cooldown – Blasts opponents in an area with freezing air from range, slowing them.

How to build: Powder Snow will make it easier for you to defeat wild Pokémon, so go with that one first since farming is so important in the early game.

Level 4

  • Avalanche | 7s cooldown – Alolan Ninetales forms a wall, trapping opponents. The wall then collapses, damaging opponents nearby.
  • Dazzling Gleam | 7.5s cooldown – Shines a blinding cone of light, stunning opponents in its path.

How to build: This decision depends on who else is on your team. If you're the support, definitely go for Dazzling Gleam, but if your team already has a support, then go for Avalanche instead.

Level 6

  • Blizzard | 11s cooldown – Summons two freezing blasts. The first slows opponents in an area, the second displaces them. If the second blast impacts terrain, it can deal area of effect damage a third time.
  • Aurora Veil | 13s cooldown – Creates an aurora to protect your team from damage. Within the aurora, your Movement Speed is increased, and your basic attacks are upgraded to boosted attacks.

How to build: Same as above, if you're the support of the team, you 100% want to build Aurora Veil, but if you're already support-heavy, rather go for Blizzard to deal some damage to enemies.

Level 9 – Alolan Ninetales Unite Move

  • Snow Globe – Summons a swirling storm of snow and ice, dealing increased damage to frozen opponents.

Definitely don't use the Unite Move for a single Pokémon, you will need more Pokémon to be around to make the most out of Alolan Ninetales' Snow Globe. It's amazing for crowd control, so use it when you're in a proper team fight.

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Item Build

  • Held Items | Go with Muscle Band, Float Stone and Scope Lense.
  • Battle Item | Eject Button.

Float Stone makes Alolan Ninetales more mobile, which is super helpful – as its mobility stat is rather low. With Muscle Band, Basic Attacks will do more damage if the enemy has lower HP and Scope Lense will increase your critical hit damage.

Eject Button is the usual choice to escape sticky situations... use it to escape.

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Game Strategy

Alolan Ninetales can either be played as an offensive, or a support Pokémon. Make sure to adjust your position depending on your team comp. However, keep in mind that Alolan Ninetales is a ranged Pokémon, so even if you play offensive, stay back and attack from afar.

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