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How to Link PS5 with Friends: Console Sharing & Game Share EXPLAINED!


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How to Game Share, Console Share, and link PS5 Accounts with friends: Don’t worry, we got you!

A lot of people don’t know that you can link your PlayStation with a friend and share games. This was - and still is - possible on the PS4 and will also be possible on the PS5. This is great, since you and your BFF will basically never pay full price for a game again.

How this works is quite simple: Games you bought are tied to your PSN account, rather than your system. Thus, you can allow any PlayStation system that you are logged onto to share every game you bought with every other PSN account. If that sounds complicated… well, that’s because it is kind of tricky to explain, which is why we made this video.

Still, here are the exact steps you need to go through to enable Console Sharing & Offline Play (or Game Sharing):

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to users and accounts
  3. Go to other
  4. Select Console Sharing & Offline Play
  5. Make sure it is enabled

If you follow these steps on your own PS5, every other PSN account on the system has access to your games. If you let a friend log into your PSN account on his or her PlayStation 5 and enable console sharing, then they can access all your games with their PSN. Either way, you, the original purchaser of the games, can always play your games on any system, since they are tied to your account.

Ah… this just got complicated again… we really recommend that you watch the video…


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