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How to get The Long Dark FOR FREE

How to get the long dark for free

That’s a different kind of winter wonderland (Image credit: Hinterland Studio Inc.)

The Epic Games Store is back with another great game you could get for free. Today, the 15-strong winter giveaway is bringing us The Long Dark, one of the best survival games ever made.

Wow, that’s a nice catch! Despite multiple “leaks” circling the internet, the exact list of 15 free games is still a mystery, and the only true way to see what today’s free game remains to check for yourself. Isn’t it great that your friendly local EarlyGame does this for you? Anyway, let’s talk about The Long Dark!

Video credit: Hinterland

Christmas can often be associated with cozy blankets, nice mugs of hot chocolate, cheerfully flickering lights, the smell of cinnamon, and watching the snowfall just outside the window. You won’t find any of this in this game. Sure, there is snow, but it’s a blizzard beating you right in the face, while wolves are surrounding your busted cabin, waiting for you to make a fatal mistake.

It’s a different kind of winter atmosphere, but boy is it good! There is an amazing sense of atmosphere here, padded with a lot of content to explore and things to do. Where other survival games fail, The Long Dark excels. Here, endless snowscapes do not equal boredom! The mysterious lights in the sky, zones to explore, and survival mechanics that make you last just one more night make for a remarkable, memorable experience.

This game has no multiplayer campaign, battle royale mode, or rotating hero roster. It’s you, your gear, and a brutal-but-gorgeous world to explore. An entirely different experience from your day-to-day gaming.

All you need to do to get The Long Dark is to follow this link and click that GET button. Best of luck out there!

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