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How to get Mud Runner FOR FREE

How to get mud runner for free

Vroom-vroom! (Image credit: Saber Interactive)

You know how Epic Games Store is giving away cute indie games every week, right? Well, this one is indie, but it sure ain’t cute! Put on your combat boots, blast your favorite rock station and let’s go off-road, ‘cuz all this lumber won’t deliver itself!

Wow, that’s different. We are used to being treated to pixel art, experimental stuff and generally great little games when it comes to the Epic Games Store giveaway, but this one is rough in more ways than one. A nice change of pace!

Credit: Focus Home Interactive - YouTube

If you’re anything like us, you’ve heard all the crazy stories of the mystical breed of gamers who sink 1000+ hours in super-niche games like Farming Simulator or Truck Simulator. Hell, Germany even held a competitive Farming Simulator event at some point, just for laughs.

If you’ve ever been curious about this different gaming experience, but not that curious as to spend a sensible chunk of cash just to try, now is your time!

Mud Runner is a heavy machinery driving game, that’s all about freedom, achievement, and goods delivery! It’s definitely niche. You won’t find the most polished graphics or a deep story here. You also won’t fight bad guys, nor will you save the universe. You will be challenged though – by the terrain, by the objective… and even by the camera controls! But: Once you do reach your delivery destination, after all the hurdles you faced on the way, you’ll know you’ve accomplished something today. We’re talking Dark Souls levels of satisfaction, after a difficult task well done.

Let’s be completely frank here - this is a super niche game and you’d probably never buy it. Now that it is available for free though, you should treat yourself to an experience that’s unlike anything you’ve played in a long while. Go to the Epic Games Store page here and click that GET button. Like we already said - all this lumber won’t deliver itself!

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