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Act fast, to get the exclusive Mr. Beast Skin. (Image Credit: Media Tonic)

Fall Guys teamed up with Mr. Beast to sneak out a new skin of the YouTube legend just before the year ends. But how do you get this beastly skin? Well, find out right here!

Ninja got a Fall Guys skin, so it is only natural that his good friend Mr. Beast gets one too.

To unlock this skin you simply need to buy it with 2 crowns from the in-game shop but do it before December 29th, or you will lose your chance.

The YouTuber with deep pockets, a heart of gold, and a prankster's soul, is known for his ridiculous cash challenges on YouTube. Anywhere from buying millions of dollars of scratch and win lottery tickets to the Finger App challenge, Mr. Beast’s videos are hard to believe and hard to miss.

Mr. Beast also seems to have his sights on an Among Us skin – it seems a Fall Guys skin is not enough to satiate the beast.

For Mr. Beast, it is very on-brand, as everything the man touches is over the top and turns into YouTube gold. His channel literally has 49 million subscribers and his latest video has his friends decorating houses with millions of Christmas lights naturally, the winner gets to keep the house.

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