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How To Get Far Cry 3 Free & Play Multiplayer Co-Op | Daily News


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Far Cry 3 is free on the Ubisoft Store right now until September 11. Just go to the Ubisoft store website and select the standard edition of Far Cry 3, which is the one that you can get for free. The deluxe version still costs $30, which is not worth it for what little extra content it offers. When you try to download the game, you might experience some errors or have the Ubisoft store page down, but that’s normal whenever a huge game like this is available for free. Just give it some time and try again and again – it will work eventually.
This free standard version of Far Cry 3 also has multiplayer and online coop. The multiplayer has 18-player PvP and an editor mode, while the coop has its own story, which is set before the main story and can be played online and offline. You get six maps, four playable characters and can wreak havoc with your friends.
With Far Cry 6 coming up soon, and Vaas possibly being connected to the Castillo family, this is the perfect time to play Far Cry 3. Either way, Far Cry 3 is a great game, and you shouldn't miss out on getting to play it for free.


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