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How to Get Free Exclusive Apex Legends Skins Right Now!

Prime Apex

Prime Gaming is on one these days: Now we get Apex Legends skins too. (Credit: EA)

Prime Gaming and Apex Legends are giving away free skins again. All throughout 2021, Prime Gaming members can get skins. We'll show you how to get the Apex Legends skins for free.

If you didn't know, Prime Gaming is feeling mighty generous these days, giving away all kinds of gaming rewards:

Now it's Apex Legends' turn, and not for the first time either: The 2019 skins were already fire, so we got something to look forward to here.

How to Get the Prime Gaming Apex Legends Skins


Hi Negan. (Credit: EA)

It's easy: All you need is a Prime Gaming account or – pro-tip – a free Prime Gaming trial. Of course Amazon isn't dumb: The trial only lasts you 30 days, while the service is releasing a skin every month. If you truly want all the skins, you gotta get Prime Gaming (which also includes every other Amazon Prime service). Otherwise, just check what skins are coming up next, and sign up for a Prime Gaming trial when your favorite skin is up.

Ok, ok, but how do I get these fine a** Apex Legends skins on Prime Gaming?

  • Go on Apex Legends Prime Gaming
  • Click ‘Claim Now’ on the skin.
  • Sign in and link your EA account with Twitch
  • Once you linked the accounts, the skin can be claimed

We likey, we likey. (Credit: EA)

Actually, we recently sat down with the dudes and dudettes from Respawn Entertainment for a nice chat about Season 8. If you ever wanted a behind the scenes Apex Legends interview... please, do indulge:

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