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How to Game Share with Friends on the Xbox Series X and S EXPLAINED!


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How to Game Share with friends on your Xbox Series X and S – it ain't hard, and we'll explain:

A lot of people don’t know that you can link your Xbox Live Accounts and share games on your Xbox Series X & S. This is a great feature, since you and your BFF will basically never pay full price for a game again. Sounds good, right?

How this works is quite simple: Every game you buy is tied to your Xbox Live Account and not to the console. Thus, you can allow any Xbox owner to set their Xbox as the Home Xbox of your Xbox Live account. If that sounds complicated… well, that’s because it is kind of tricky to explain, which is why we made this video.

Worry not, here, we outlined the exact steps on how to share games with a friend:

  1. On your Xbox, hit the Xbox button
  2. Go to profile and system and select 'add or switch'
  3. Select 'add new' and enter your friend's Xbox Live account log-in data
  4. Go into his account
  5. Go to settings -> general -> personalization
  6. Enable your Xbox as the Home Xbox on his Xbox Live account

Now, every game he buys, you can play. Repeat the process with your Xbox Live account on his Xbox, and he can play every game you buy. This also works seamlessly between Xbox Series X & S and also includes Game Pass.

Careful though, you can only change your Home Xbox 5 times per calendar year!

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